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Excimer laser (LASIK, PRK, PTK)

Excimer – Laser (LASIK, PRK, PTK)

Lasik with the Excimer Laser is carried out in the treatment of ametropia ametropia, or (By removal of the plate (so-Called Flap) of the cornea) around the world as a standardized treatment. But the cornea of each patient may not be suitable for this treatment. In such cases, superficial treatments should be preferred.


PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), is such as LASIK a ametropia ametropia (refractive error) corrective treatment method. PRK, unlike LASIK, it is not a thin layer of the Flap is formed, but the Lazer treatment starts directly from the external upper layer.

The PRK surgery is the removal of the thin layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, and the implementation of the Excimer Laser on the main fabric. At the conclusion of the Operation a simple improvement, and protecting acting as a horn for the purpose of surface skin attached for a few days, a transparent, Number contact lens. The duration for a better Look and is longer than LASIK and can take up to 3-4 weeks. After the Operation, the first 2-4 days are painful and disturbing, the reason is that the epithelial healing is complete at this time.


LASEK (Laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis) is a procedure where it is replaced before the laser ablation with an alcohol solution. After the Laser procedure the epithelium is pushed back again. With these two interface methods are very secure results are symptoms such as Burning, Stinging, and accumulation of fluid still in the first 2-3 days are to occur. On average, in 7-10 days See more clearly. In this treatment method the patient will receive a clear result, and after 3 months you can carry on with their daily activities without glasses.


LASIK treatments is the widely used method with Laser. In this method, a thin layer in the cornea is cut with an Opening a in the manner of a lid and on the surface of the cornea to be corrected with Excimer Laser the Eyes.

In the last twenty years, LASIK has been successfully used in the recovery of Sehdefekten such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism. The laser beams act only to the skin on a certain part of the horn, and have no influence on the Retina and the nerve.

The LASIK technique is completely painless and takes about 10 minutes, the performed anesthesia is only a eye drops and during the Operation, no injection and the seam is applied.


LASIK surgery in 5 steps

  1. In the case of the LASIK method, the thin layer before performing the Excimer Laser on the cornea.
  2. The resulting layer (corneal Flap) is moved to the rear, wherein the Central portion of the cornea remains open.
  3. In the center of the horn approx. 20 is directed to skin for 30 seconds, a laser beam and for Correcting the ametropia ametropia (ametropia) is formed, the required new surface shape.
  4. Last, the rear - suspended layer (corneal Flap) is created. The Flap glued to it after a couple of minutes at your place.

The ablated layer (corneal Flap) has a natural adhesive property, for this reason, it is not applied to the seam of the Flap in these operations, the eyes with bandage covered, instead, a temporary contact lens is used, and the Patient dismissed.