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Intralase - iLasik


Intralase, is a System that provides a more stable and healthier results can be understood in the case of refractive laser applications better every day. The Intralase infrared Laser and intralasik Software, the corneal flap to produce pre-programmed depth and Position. With Intralase-LASIK, which is in the last 50 years, the most important development in the Flap-display technology, skin is the thin layer of the cornea using a Computer controlled Laser removed.

With this computer-controlled program Intralase can create a individuale Flap, on-time and with high sensitivity during the Flap formation can be accessed. With the removal of the Flaps is the tissue on the bottom of the Stroma with an eye observation system, the Excimer Laser treatment is performed.


iLasik is the most advanced laser technology that is used today and it is a new treatment method, which is formed by the combination of the Intralase laser technology with personalized computerized corneal flap and Advanced Customvue (Wavefront) treatment is a special treatment for the Person, is. Everything iLasik is found according to the Eye and the eye structure of the patients is planned, and a special treatment is applied to the Person.

Treatment with iLasik is not only approved by the FDA for treatment, but also the certification of NASA allows astronauts and U.S. fighter aircraft. This is a Form of treatment, the people who work in perfectly to tasks such as astronauts and war pilots, provides the necessary visual acuity.

Everything is carried out according to the Basis of the personal vision quality.