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Wavefront (Advanced Customvue)

At a standard LASIK procedure, a treatment plan of ametropia ametropia (ametropia) (prepared as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism).

In a Wavefront LASIK procedure, the maximum level of optical Defects with telescopic Monitoring be established of the devices in hundreds of different points, and the Laser according to this optical defects programmed and person-specific, a treatment profile is issued. With this treatment, it is possible to obtain more successful results.

This treatment is particularly effective in patients with high astigmatism who are disturbed by light reflection and scattering, which is a night vision problem.


With the help of Custom Laser incl. Astigmatism, all irregular Defects on an excellent way corrected. After the treatment the patients get in terms of their vision, a significant increase.

After the Laser implementation in the Custom Laser System, may be the vision grade of the patient, 150% even 200%.



The Patient will be examined in detail. After the necessary Test runs, the Custom run-Laser measurements. During these Tests, the iris tissue of the patient by means of one wave scan device will be displayed on special cards. With these cards, the people are specific, person-specific treatment issued protocols.

After a few minutes of pain-free Laser treatment, can see the patients again. Within 2-3 hours, his vision is clear. The Patient can return after 1 day in his daily life.