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The other small interventions


HORDOLEUM (liddrüsen inflammation) – CHALAZION (ARPACIK-SHALLOW)

Hordeleum is one of the eye infection. The disease develops within 1-2 days and with a Sting to be felt.

With early diagnosis, the Hordoleum development with eye drops, antibiotics and ointments can be prevented. In the case of cystic Hordoleum, where no medical treatment can take place, it may be necessary to remove the inflammatory pouch with rehabilitation.



The eye, the result of a disease or injury, and in the Whole is removed is referred to as “Enucleation”.

The eyes in motion set the muscles are calm and, preferably, a ball (implant) embedded in it. The mounting of these balls to the muscles boosts the movement of the prosthesis.

The other system must be removed when the eye is referred to as ‘Evisseration”. Here the sclera is left, the hard, white layer of the eye and it is the pathological renovated tissues. For the increase of the prosthesis, movement of the ball is embedded in the sclera.



In the case of ‘entropion’ swept the eyelids inward. It is often seen in the lower eyelid. And this leads to an infection of the skin and the eyelashes. It surgeon treated. If no treatment is performed, can occur on the corneal Defects and lead to vision loss.



In the case of ‘ectropion’ swept the eyelids away. The eyelids can occur from birth or later. So that our eyes can see well, moisten the cornea, always with tears, in the case of the away of the eyelid sweeping the tears are not correct and on the transparent layer, a Defect will arise. Up to the surgery, can eye drops to moisture the eyes and for the prevention of an infection and the antibiotic drops be necessary.